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Nomex Sleeving

Flexo Nomex Braided Sleeving

Nomex braided sleeving is made of braiding nomex yarn to produce a thick-walled highly expandable structure. This lightweight braided product exhibits exceptional thermal stability and chemical, solvent and abrasion resistance.

It ideal for wide range of applications, such as military and aerospace wiring and harnessing applications.

  • Item no.:

  • Material:

    Nomex fiber
  • Working Temperature:

    -196℃ to 350℃
  • Melt Point:

    Not melt
  • Flammability:

  • Standard Color:

    Army green,white
  • Certification:

    Rohs,halogen free
  • Cutting Tool:

  • Size:

  • Product Details

Flexo Nomex Braided Sleeving

Nomex sleeving braided with nomex multifilament fibres. This light weight braided product exhibits an exceptional thermal stability and chemical, solvent and abrasion resistance. 

The sleeving retains its integrity at temperatures over 245°C, (the melting point of Nylon) or in presence of Beta, gamma and X-ray radiation or when exposed to high humidity or moisture. The expandable construction allows the sleeving to be easily drawn on long lengths of wiring and cover a wide range of diameters with only a few product sizes.

It has been used for years by race car drivers, fire departments, and oil rig personnel to provide that extra level of protection from the dangers that come with working in and around intense flame and heat. Flexo Nomex braided sleeving will do the same for your wires, hoses, and cables. 

Nomex sleeving

Feactures and benefits

1.Operating temperature range: -196° to 350°C

2.Cuts easily with scissors

3.Abrasion and cut resistant

4.Soft, pliable & strong

5.Resists common chemicals & solvents

6.Expands slightly for easy installation

7.Tight braid for full coverage and protection

8.Melt temperature:1120°C

Physical properties

Material Nomex (Polyaryl-mide)
Working temperature -196° to 350°C
Melt point 1120°C
Standard color Army green,white
Certification Rohs,halogen free
Cutting tool Scissor
Tensile strength at break
Conditioned at 65%. RH: 4.4cN/dtex. Wet: 3.5cN dtex.
Elongation at break
Conditioned at 65% RH; 25% Wet; 16%
Initial modulus at 100% elongation
Conditioned at 65% RH: 110cN/dtex
200 Derniers (220dtex)
Specific gravity
Flammability UL94-V0
Chemical resistance
Mineral acids, organic acids, alkalis, cleaning agents, salt solutions, unaffected by Freon, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Ethylene Glycol and Methyl Alcohol.


Nomex sleeves used for a wide range of applications such as military, aerospace, race car, fire department to protect the cable and wire from the dangers that come with working in and around intense flame and heat.

Nomex braided sleeving


Part No



Expansion Range(mm) Packing Length
Min.(I) Max.(O)
MJ-NMBS003 3.0 1.0 4.0 500m/spool
6.0 5.0 8.0 300m/spool
8.0 6.0 10.0 250m/spool
10.0 7.0 13.0 200m/spool
12.0 8.0 16.0 200m/spool
15.0 10.0 20.0 200m/spool
20.0 14.0 26.0 150m/spool
25.0 18.0 33.0 150m/spool
30.0 20.0 39.0 100m/spool
40.0 30.0 52.0 100m/spool
50.0 50.0 65.0 100m/spool

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