• Mid-Autumn Festival special activities
    Sep 15 , 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival special activities
    The Mid-Autumn Festival is on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Every place in China has its own customs. Like: offering to the moon, appreciating the moon, reunion, watching lanterns, eating moon cakes... This is the impression of the Mid-Autumn Festival for most people. While in southern Fujian, there is a custom of winning the cake in the Mid-Autumn Festival. For Xiamen peopl...
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  • Summary of the 2021 quality enhancement meeting
    Jul 09 , 2021 Summary of the 2021 quality enhancement meeting
    On 7~8 July 2021 the MJ Industrial Tech Co.,Ltd held its 2021 quality enhancement meeting on our headquarters. We discussed a broad range of matters related to the quality improved, including: 1.Improve production process of our cable sleeving 2.Constantly improve the quality management system 3.Constantly improvement for products quality, safety, lead time, cost and efficiency 4.Achieve zero cust...
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  • Dragon Boat Festival 2021
    Jun 11 , 2021 Dragon Boat Festival 2021
    Dragon Boat Festival 2021 2021 Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is a traditional and important celebration in China. In 2021, Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 14 (Monday). China will have 3 days of public hol...
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  • MJ achieve strategic cooperation with local packaging machinery industry association
    Jun 28 , 2021 MJ achieve strategic cooperation with local packaging machinery industry association
    Our local packaging machinery industry association visited us on 25th June 2021, and reached the strategic cooperation agreement with us,MJ offer cable management solutions for their member enterprise in fellows, help them to control cost, extend machinery life,improve their competitiveness. Leader of association very satisfied with our wire loom tubing,braided sleeve,cable wrap,silicone cable sle...
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  • Deep learning TSCA new rules
    Mar 26 , 2021 Deep learning TSCA new rules
    TSCA added section 5 new chemicals in new rules in Feb 2021. MJ cable management sleeve are fully in line with US,European and domestic standards for the detection always. In order to ensure our wire & cable sleeves comply with TSCA new standard fully. We deep study of TSCA new rules on 25th Mar. Improve details and improve all aspects. To ensure the smooth processing of our braided sleev...
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  • Holiday Notice of Spring Festival
    Jan 25 , 2021 Holiday Notice of Spring Festival
    As China new year is coming soon, MJ will have a China New year holiday from Feb.8th to Feb.19th,2021. To complete your order timely, please kindly check our arrangement following: 1. Deadline of order receiving: Feb.6th,2021 2. Factory close: Feb.8th to Feb.19th,2021 3. Back from holiday: Feb.20th,2021 Any urgently help for cable sleeve, wire loom,hook and loop,cable gland,terminal block, please ...
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    Double layer self closing wrap woven by polyesyer monofilament and polyester multifilament. Two layer structure bring top grade abrasion and dent resistance performance,widely used to protect high voltage battery cables in hybrid and electric vehicles from crash and cut­through damage, with good crush shield and isolating performance meet LV-312 standard, It also allows to avoid electric...
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  • Merry Christmas Everyone
    Dec 23 , 2020 Merry Christmas Everyone
    Mj industrial tech wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. My compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit guide our lives in 2021
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