Railway industry

From cable organize to individual cable protection solutions,businesses in the rail and transit industry to meet different needs for their wire harness,electrical systems and equipment, hose protection. We offer a variety of cable management solutions for rail vehicles.

Some of components we offer for rail systems include:

Flexible nonmetallic conduits

Corrugated conduits

Flexible electrical conduits

Flexible metal conduits

Cable glands

Cable entry systems

Braided cable sleeving

Woven split tubular harness wrap

Quietness Sleeve

Heat shrink tube

Automotive industry

MJ design,produce and distribute lightweight and multifunctional cable sleeve,wire loom,cable tie that fasten and protect the electronics and wiring in vehicles.

Our wire and cable protection products offer superior protection against corrosive materials, such as oils, chemicals, acids, solvents, and mechanical stresses.

Automotive cable management product including:

Expandable braided sleeving

Split braided sleeve

Woven wrap around sleeve

Wire loom

Fiberglass sleeve

Heat shrink tube

Fabric heat shrink tube

Cable tie

Hook and loop fastener


Military wired or fiber optic systems without the proper security measures may be prone to fires and explosions. In harsh conditions, these cables and wires may have to handle the effects of the sun, moisture, dust, wind and other significant risk factors. From conduits, fittings and cable glands to braided sleeve, cable chains and accessories,we have a wide inventory of equipment built to protect against these elements.

Military cable protection sleeve include:

Explosion-proof flexible conduits

Explosion-proof conduit fittings

EMI / RFI shielded products

Flexible conduits for fiber optic cables

Kevlar braided sleeve

Basalt braided sleeve

Mining & Heavy Vehicles

MJ effective cable protection solutions help keep the mining and heavy vehicles running smoothly and reliably for your operation. Our products provide protection from corrosive materials, such as oils, chemicals, acids, and solvents, mechanical stress, abrasion, high and low temperatures, and fire and flame.

Some of our conduit systems for heavy vehicles include:

Polyamide conduits

Flexible metal conduits

Specialty polymer conduits

Nylon hose sleeve

Spiral hose guard

Electric power industrial

MJ develop,manufacture,marketing quick,safe connection solutions for electric power industrial.

Our products are used to safeguard and protect wires and cables against heat, cold, moisture, dirt, dust, pressure stress, UV and other potentially harmful environmental influences. We offer an extensive inventory of conduits, fittings and connectors, cable glands, cable entry systems, strain relief glands, braids & sleeving products, and energy guide chains designed for electric applications.

Renewable energy

Our wire and cable products for the renewable energy industry are designed to offer protection from the sun, flames, dust, water and other elements that could cause wire damage. We offer liquid-tight conduits and fittings, cable tie,along with sealing accessories and specialized products that can combine into the ultimate cable protection system.which inclduing conduits, fittings, connectors, cable glands, cable entry systems, strain relief glands, braids & sleeving, and energy guide chains used in renewable energy applications.

Office Interior

MJ offers cost effective cable management solutions for home theater,office desk,cinema,public

cabling, which help u keep workplace neat and all in orders.

Our office cable management products including:

Semi-rigid split braided tube

Hook and loop cable sleeving

Zipper sleeve braided cable wrap

Zipper cable sock

Cable spine

Spiral wrap

Hook and loop fastener

Cable tie

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