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Multi Hole Cable Gland

Waterproof Multi Hole Electrical Cable Gland

The Waterproof multi hole cable gland is designed to safeguard your electrical devices that housed in the enclosures. It is equipped with multi-hole cable strain relief insert for each unit, allowing you to pass through 3 wires to connect to the ports of various electrical devices.

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Waterproof Multi Hole Electrical Cable Gland

Nylon cable glands with multi-hole insert for multiple cables through the same opening, ideal for clamping system.

Specially designed tool mounts on waterproof enclosure panel or products housed in.

Reliable IP68 waterproof rated material against dirt, dust, water etc.

Monitor the status of the total PoE usage in real time, Cost saving-deploy existing Ethernet infrastructure.

Multiple hole cable gland for sealing multiple wires through a single cable gland. save space by limiting the number of cord grips used for entry into your enclosure, panel or combiner box.

Multi hole cable gland

Multi Cable Gland

What's special about multi glands?

1.Made of 100% new nylon,not including any recycle material

2.IP68 waterproof rating

3.Flame retardant

4.Resistant against light acids and soft lyes

5.Resistant against seawater, benzine and mineral oil

6.Multi cables in one glands

7.Wide application

pg cable gland

Physical Properties

Material PA66
Working Temperature -40℃~100
Tread Style Pg,M,Npt
Holes From 2 to  8
Waterproof Rating IP68
Available size Full size
Standard Color Black,Light Grey
Colored Available
Certification UL,ROHS,Reach
Cutting Tool Scissor


Multi cable gland widely used in new energy power generation, new energy trains, thermal power generation, nuclear power plants, power collection, automotive wiring harness, machine tools, automatic instruments, motors, engineering installations, mechanical arms, etc.

polyamide cable gland


2 Hole Cable Gland

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