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Self wrapping split braided sleeve

Self Wrap Around Braided Cable Sleeving

Self Wrap Around Braided Cable Sleeving allows you to pipe and open up to accommodate a variety of bundling requirements, with the semi-rigid braid Configurable to simply install and require no additional fasteners (Velcro closure, tape, etc.), the 10 mil pet braid is lightweight, quiet, and flexible with 25% edge overlap (at nominal diameter) that covers all sides of the built-in plug. , connectors and splices.

  • Item no.:

  • Min order:

  • Material:

    PET Monofilament
  • Working Temperature:

    -40℃ to 150℃
  • Melt Point:

  • Flammability:

    UL94 V0
  • Standard Color:

  • Certification:

    ROHS,Reach,UL,Halogen Free,EN45545
  • Cutting Tool:

    Hot Knife
  • Size:

    3mm~50mm ID
  • Product Details

 Self Wrap Around Braided Cable Sleeving

This unique laterally split, self wrap around braided cable sleeving is as easy to install as common corrugated loom, but provides much better cut and abrasion resistance and a more professional appearance.

The monoifilament braid is lighter weight and more flexible than corrugated loom and does not trap moisture inside. It is also highly resistant to petroleum based fluids and is unaffected by exposure to UV light. Rated for continuous operation from -75°C to 125°C (-103°F to 257°F). The 1" nominal diameter allows for a 25% overlap.

What's special about semi-rigid braided sleeving?

1.Made of PET filament

2.Flammability: UL94 V0

3.Extremely lightweight

4..Keeps it's flexibility under a wide range of temperatures

5.Easy, cost and labor effective installation

6.Resists gasoline, chemicals & cleaning Solvents 

7.25% overlap designed to keep wires fully covered

8.Cut & Abrasion Resistant 

self warp braided sleeving




Part No



Overlap Standard Color

Standard Packing


MJ-SPBS003 3mm 25%





MJ-SPBS006 6mm 100m/spool
MJ-SPBS010 10mm 100m/spool
MJ-SPBS013 13mm 50m/spool
MJ-SPBS016 16mm 25m/spool
MJ-SPBS019 19mm 25m/spool
MJ-SPBS025 25mm 25m/spool
MJ-SPBS029 29mm 25m/spool
MJ-SPBS032 32mm 25m/spool
MJ-SPBS038 38mm 25m/spool
MJ-SPBS050 50mm 25m/spool


With its superior performance and ease of installation, self wrap around braided cable sleeving has become an ideal choice for protecting cables and pipes in the automotive industry, rail transit, industrial equipment and other industries, significantly improving the safety and reliability of the system.

self warp braided sleeving

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