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Heat Shrink Tubing

Flexible 2:1 Polyolefin Stand Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

PE heat shrinkable tube has the advantages of good electrical insulation, good sealing, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Mainly used in wire connection, rust prevention and corrosion protection of solder joints, protection and insulation processing of wire end, wiring harness and electronic components

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    -55℃ to 125℃
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    ROHS,Reach,UL,Halogen free
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2:1 Polyolefin Stand Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

Polyolefin heat shrink tubing made from polyolefin can be use in all kind of industry, environmental protection material, ROHS standard, Material composition does not contain PBB, PBBO, PBBE, heavy metal and other environmentally hazardous substances。

Excellent flame retardant and insulation performance. Soft and flexible, waterproof, low shrinkage temperature, high strength toughness, fast shrinkage, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging.

Automotive heat shrink tubing suitable for a wide range of applications, including electrical insulation, strain relief, cable bonding, color-coding and identification. 

Standard Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

What's special about 2:1 heat shrinkable tube?

1.Made of Polyolefin material

2.2:1 Shrink Ratio (shrinks to ½ of its original Diameter) 

3.Available in different sizes

4.Resists moisture, water, heat, and humidity

5.Halogen Free

6.RoHS Compliant

7.Anti-aging protective

8.Corrosion resistance

Physical Properties

Material Anti-aging polyolefin
Shrink Ratio 2:1
Working Temperature -55℃ to 125℃
Start Shrink Temperature
Minimum Complete Shrink Temperature
Longitudinal Shrinkage
Standard Color Black
Colored Available
Certification UL,ROHS,Reach,Halogen free
Shrinking Tool Hot Gun
Cutting Tool Scissor


Part No Unshrink Size Shrink Ratio After Shrunk Size
Packing Length
Dia(D) Thickness(T) Dia(d) Thickness(t)
MJ-HSTS1.1 1.10mm 0.15mm 2:1 0.55mm 0.30mm 200m/spool
MJ-HSTS1.5 1.50mm 0.185mm 2:1 0.75mm 0.37mm 200m/spool
MJ-HSTS2.0 2.00mm 0.185mm 2:1 1.00mm 0.37mm 200m/spool
MJ-HSTS2.5 2.50mm 0.19mm 2:1 1.25mm 0.38mm 200m/spool
MJ-HSTS3.0 3.00mm 0.20mm 2:1 1.50mm 0.40mm 200m/spool


3.50mm 0.20mm 2:1 1.75mm 0.40mm 200m/spool
MJ-HSTS4.0 4.00mm 0.20mm 2:1 2.0mm 0.40mm 200m/spool
MJ-HSTS4.5 4.50mm 0.21mm 2:1 2.25mm 0.42mm 200m/spool
MJ-HSTS5.0 5.00mm 0.21mm 2:1 2.50mm 0.42mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS5.5 5.50mm 0.21mm 2:1 2.75mm 0.42mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS6.0 6.00mm 0.21mm 2:1 3.00mm 0.42mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS6.5 6.50mm 0.21mm 2:1 3.25mm 0.42mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS7.0 7.00mm 0.21mm 2:1 3.50mm 0.42mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS7.5 7.50mm 0.21mm 2:1 3.75mm 0.42mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS8.0 8.00mm 0.21mm 2:1 4.00mm 0.42mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS9.0 9.00mm 0.24mm 2:1 4.50mm 0.48mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS10 10.00mm 0.24mm 2:1 5.00mm 0.48mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS12.0 12.00mm 0.25mm 2:1 6.00mm 0.50mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS14.0 14.00mm 0.26mm 2:1
7.00mm 0.52mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS16.0 16.00mm 0.29mm 2:1
8.00mm 0.58mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS18.0 18.00mm 0.29mm 2:1
9.00mm 0.58mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS19.0 19.00mm 0.30mm 2:1
9.50mm 0.60mm 100m/spool
MJ-HSTS20.0 20.00mm 0.31mm 2:1 10.0mm 0.62mm 100m/spool


Heat Shrink Tubing ideal for electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, lightweight harnessing, wire strain relief, and wire identification purposes in a variety of home, commercial, industrial and military applications.

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