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nylon braided sleeving

Light Weight Standard Nylon Expandable Braided Sleeving

MJ nylon expandable sleeving widely use to protect industrial cables, wire hraness and hoses from excessive wear.

  • Item no.:

  • Material:

    Nylon66 Monofilament
  • Working Temperature:

    -40℃ to 150℃
  • Melt Point:

  • Flammability:

  • Standard Color:

  • Certification:

    ROHS,Reach,UL,Halogen Free
  • Cutting Tool:

    Hot Knife
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Light Weight Standard Nylon Expandable Braided Sleeving

Nylon expandable braided sleeving made of 0.12" nylon 66 monofilament,widly use for automotive industry cable protection,  it can increase cable and hose life up to 300%.

Compare with PET braided sleeve,nylon sleeve with more excellent abrasion resistance performance, higher heat resistance and chemical resistance level.

Smooth,soft nylon fibers and tight construction also reduce abrasion damage caused by hoses and harnesses rubbing against the inside wall of the nylon hose sleeve.

What's special about Nylon braided sleeving?

1.Made of nylon66 monofilament

2.Flame retardant

3.Extremely lightweight

4.Highly abrasion resistance

5..Keeps it's flexibility under a wide range of temperatures

6.Resists gasoline, chemicals & cleaning Solvents 

7.Expands up to 150% of initial diameter 

8.UV resistance

Nylon cable sleeve

Physical Properties

Material Nylon 66 monofilament
Working Temperature -40℃ to 150℃
Melt Point 256+(-)10℃
Flammability UL94V2
Standard Color Black
Certification UL,ROHS,Reach,Halogen free
Cutting Tool Hot Knife


Part No Size Thickness Expanded Range



Inch mm



MJ-PABS003 1/8" 3mm 0.25mm 1mm 6mm


MJ-PABS006 1/4" 6mm 3mm 9mm 500m
MJ-PABS008 5/16" 8mm 5mm 12mm 350m
MJ-PABS010 3/8" 10mm 7mm 17mm 350m
MJ-PABS012 1/2" 12mm 8mm 20mm 300m
MJ-PABS016 5/8" 16mm 10mm 27mm 250m
MJ-PABS020 3/4" 20mm 14mm 30mm 200m
MJ-PABS025 1" 25mm 18mm 33mm 200m
MJ-PABS032 1-1/4" 32mm 20mm 50mm 150m
MJ-PABS038 1-1/2" 38mm 30mm 60mm 100m
MJ-PABS045 1-3/4" 45mm 35mm 75mm 100m
MJ-PABS050 2" 50mm 40mm 80mm 100m
MJ-PABS064 2-1/2" 64mm 45mm 105mm 100m
MJ-PABS076 3" 76mm 64mm 120mm 100m


MJ Nylon wire sleeve widely use for military,automobile,aerospace cable and hose protection. 

braided nylon sleeve

PET braided sleeving

Product Packing

Braided Wire Loom

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