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distribution terminal block

UKK-80A Din Rail Power Distribution Terminal Blocks

Distribution terminal block are consist of flame-retardant PA shell and high quality copper conductor, which are high temperature and corrosion resistance, good insulation performance and long-lasting durability,high conductivity, low temperature rise, full current.

Din Rail style are easy to install or remove.

  • Item no.:

  • Material:

    PA shell+Nickel plated copper conductor
  • Working Temperature:

    -40°C to 110°C
  • Flammability:

    UL94 V2
  • Standard Color:

  • Certification:

    CE/RoHS/CQC/ISO 9001
  • Size:

  • Product Details

UKK-80A Din Rail Power Distribution Terminal Blocks

Din rail distribution block made of PA66 and nickel plated copper,it is high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant,good insulation performance and durability for using.

The transparent cover can see if the cable is connected reliably, and din style design can install on the rail easily.

power distribution terminal block

Data sheet

Model UKK-80A
Rated voltage/current
Outer material
Conductor material
Copper(nickel plated)
Screw material Steel,zinc plated 
Working temperature
-40°C to 110°C
UL94 V2
IEC 60947-7-1
Mounting type DIN rail NS 35
Entry Specification
Output Specification
4X6 mm2/2X16mm2
Standard Color

distribution terminal block



Din rail power distribution block generally used in power distribution cabinets, distribution boxes, and various high voltage cabinets

din rail distribution block

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