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Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots

Stick on Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots

Adhesive hook and loop dots made of nylon material with hot melt glue and release paper or plastic backed,easy to peel off the sticky coins, saving you time.

It popular use as mounting tape for home, school, office and other occasions.

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    Nylon hook and loop with hot melt glue
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    10mm~100mm Dia
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Stick on Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots

Sticky back hook and loop dots are waterproof and temperature-resistant that can be widely used indoor and outdoor.

The removable adhesive glue is safe for hanging and mounting, and leave no residue left behind. The long-lasting glue is thin and transparent, suitable for all surfaces including glasses.

Hook and loop coins ideal use as mounting tape for craft sticks, walls, poster paper hanging, classroom wall art stickers.

Adhesive hook and loop dots

Feastures and benefits

1.Double-sticker design makes them easy to use

2.Ideal for hanging Educational items, posters, charts, signs and more.

3.Reusable, practical and eco-friendly

4.Waterproof adhesive glue.

5.Make your life better.

Physical Properties

Hook and Loop Material Nylon,nylon&polyester
Adhesive material Hot melt glue,acrylic glue etc
Shape Round,rectangle,square,star,heart,or custom design
Working temperature -20°C~80°C
Size 10mm,16mm,20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm,50mm etc
Packing Custom packing
Certification ROHS,Reach


Contribute to outdoor and indoor for smooth surfaces, hook dots and loop dots can be used to home, school or office. Great for organization, mounting, hanging, and securing.

stick on velcro dots
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