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3M Glue Sticky Backed

3M Glue Sticky Backed Adhesive Hook and Loop

The attaching power of 3M adhesive solutions enables you to build higher-quality products and improve design, manufacturing and assembly processes.
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The backing of 3M Hook and Loop Fastener is tissue coated with a high performance acrylic -based pressure sensitive adhesive. This adhesive strength builds up over time allowing for some responsibility before achieving full bond strength. 

The adhesive bonds well to high and medium surface energy substrates, such as clean, dry metals and some low surface energy substrates such as polycarbonate, polystyrene, acrylic and nylon. It boasts excellent heat and moisture resistance as well as UV stability and excellent shear strength.

This loop fastener have high density and strong holding strength that have higher locking strength and the loop will not loose. The back sticky side bond strength build over time, so we recommend wait for around 24 hours to obtain the best bond strength after gluing on the surface .


The products are widely used in clothing shoes and hats, gloves, folders, bags, leather bags, sofa, seat cushion, boats and carts, aviation supplies, plastic poncho, curtains, toys, sleeping bags, sports equipment, audio equipment, medical equipment, tents, BMX sheath and all kinds of military products, electronic wire, chargers, display products, etc.


Part No Nominal Size Standard Color Packing Length
Inch mm
MJ-HLAD-3M-1025 3/8" 10mm Black/White 25 m/spool
MJ-HLAD-3M-1225 1/2" 12mm Black/White
25 m/spool
5/8" 16mm Black/White
25 m/spool
3/4" 20mm Black/White
25 m/spool
1" 25mm Black/White
25 m/spool
1-1/4" 30mm Black/White
25 m/spool
1-1/2" 38mm Black/White
25 m/spool
2" 50mm Black/White
25 m/spool
2-1/2" 60mm Black/White
25 m/spool
3" 75mm Black/White
25 m/spool
3-1/4" 80mm Black/White
25 m/spool
4" 100mm Black/White
25 m/spool

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