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Spiral Cable Wrap

Flexible Polyethylene Spiral Cable Zip Up Management Wrap

Spiral cable zip wrap offer effective cable management solutions for computer cable, car cable, or other mechanical equipments.Household, construction industry, electronic industry, cable and wire assembly, packaging and shipping, outdoor activities.
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Polyethylene Spiral Cable Zip Up Management Wrap

Zip up spiral wrap made of 100% new polyethylene material, flexible,resuable, spiral design offer perfect solution to protect your cable, cords and wires from abrasion, damage, wear and tear. You can even use it for managing multiple cables such as wire harnesses to organize the wire mess.

Spiral cable wrap can easily be cut off to the length you need;,Ideal for home,cinema, office cable organzier, keep neat and all in orders.

Spiral Cable Zip Wrap

What's special about spiral wire wrap?

1.Easy to install with the thread guide.

2.Flexible, reusable, spiral design, polyethylene material.

3.Designed to allow breakouts of single/multiple wires.

4.Great for harnessing multiple cables into a single manageable bundle.

5.Can protect cables from possible damages, prevent electric leakage.

6.Various Size available

Physical Properties

Material Polyethylene
Working Temperature -30°C~100°C
Withstand voltage
Size 8mm,10mm,16mm,22mm,28,32mm,40mm
Standard Color Black,Grey,White
Flame Retardant No
Certification ROHS
Cutting Tool Scissor


Part No

Nominal Size




Max Bundle Dia


Packing Length


MJ-ZPCW008 8mm 1.0~1.5mm 4.0~8.0mm 50m/spool
MJ-ZPCW010 10mm 1.0~1.5mm
5.0~10.0mm 50m/spool
MJ-ZPCW016 16mm 1.0~1.5mm
8.0~16.0mm 50m/spool
MJ-ZPCW022 22mm 1.0~1.5mm 12.0~22.0mm 50m/spool
MJ-ZPCW028 28mm 1.0~1.5mm
16.0~28.0mm 50m/spool
MJ-ZPCW032 32mm 1.0~1.5mm
20.0~32.0mm 50m/spool
MJ-ZPCW040 40mm 1.0~1.5mm
25.0~42.0mm 50m/spool


Spiral cable management wrap created easy, fast and effective cable management for your cables and wires,offer you a clean,neat and tidy surrounding,extend your cable life and profetct cable from damage.

Spiral wire wrap ideal for managing computer cable,power cords,TV wires,USB cords,car cable,audio cables,or other mechanical equipment.

Spiral Cable Wrap

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