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Cable Management Spine

Adjustable ABS Vertebrae Spiral Desk Cable Management Spine

ABS cable spine made from ABS plastic and steel, this under desk wire organizer is built to last. Unlike Velcro and sleeve cable management solutions, it will not wear out and and will provide full protection to your cables and cords.
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    ABS+Steel+Iron Base
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Adjustable ABS Vertebrae Spiral Desk Cable Management Spine

Desk cable spine is made of ABS plastic and steel, which is durable. It will not wear out and will provide comprehensive protection for your cables and wires.

The cable management spine is fixed on the back of the desk to protect and organize the power cord. It is very suitable for height adjustable or fixed desk systems.

Adjustable Cable spine can be hidden in or around the desk to store unsightly wires and cables, which will provide a neat appearance to your work area and protect you from potential tripping hazards.

The cable manager can be adjusted and bent to keep the cables organized and invisible route the cables from the ground to the desktop to provide protection and reduce stress.

Cable Spine

Cable Management Spine

What's special about spiral cable spine?

1.Made of 100% new ABS material


3.Length adjustable

4.Easy to install

5.Great organization

6.Routes cables from floor to desk to provide protection and strain relief

7.Four channels inside keep power or data cables separate

Desk Cable Spine

Physical Properties

Material ABS+stainless steel+Iron base
Working Temperature -30℃~100
Spine Width 68mm
Spine Length 76cm,100cm,129cm or custom length
Base Dia 175mm
Standard Color Black,White,Silver
Certification ROHS


The cable management is fixed on the back of the desk to protect and organize the power cord. It is very suitable for height adjustable or fixed desk systems.

Cable spine ideal for home,small business,school,enterprise and facilities cable management, keep your workplace neat and in order.

Adjustable Cable Spine

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