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ook And Loop Velcro Straps

Adjustable Multipurpose Hook And Loop Securing Straps

Hook and loop securing straps is made of 100% nylon material, with strong metal square buckle, the overall shoulder strap is more durable.

This cinch straps has strong bearing capacity, small volume and easy to carry. Whenever it is needed, it can be easily added or removed.

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Adjustable Multipurpose Hook And Loop Securing Straps

Hook and loop velcro straps made from pure nylon material, and is equipped with a metal buckle, strong and durable, with more powerful carrying capacity.

It was lightweight,flexible, can be reused, and is easy to carry. It is also very convenient to use. It is only necessary to tie the target item with a cable straps and then fasten the hook and loop.

This down strap can be easily used to clean up and then move. They can not only be used in wires and cables, but also widely used in toys, electronic equipment, medical supplies and other fields.

Velcro Cinch Strap

Feactures and benefits

1.Manufactured using quality, long lasting and durable materials including 100% nylon.

2.Parts are not glued together, but stitched for superior strength and long lasting performance.

3.Available in different sizes. Check your size requirements for optimum use.

4.Will withstand weather and stainless steel buckle won't rust.

5.Custom color welcome

6.Custom logo welcome

7.Custom packing welcome

Hook & Loop Straps

Physical Properties

Hook and loop material Nylon
Buckle material Stainless
Working temperature -40°C~100°C
Available size Adjustable size for different uses
Stand color Black,white,red,blue,green,yellow
Custom color Available
Custom logo Available
ODM packing Available


Metal hook and loop perfect for organizing and securing bundles of items in your home, garage, office, car, truck or boat.

It widely use in

1.Wire management

2.Fasteners for your ladder and kayak on your truck bed or the roof of your car

3.Secure your sleeping bag

4.Tool organizer

5.Bike rack strap

6.Backpack straps

7.MOLLE accessories

Metal Hook and Loop


Available in different lengths and sizes to suit your exact needs.

Custom size available!

Custom logo available

reusable cinch straps

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