To Find Fit Your Needs Protective Hose Sleeve

Apr 12 , 2022

Protecting the hose sleeve is very important in a range of industrial environments like mining, drilling, oil rigs, automobile, and other machinery which has hydraulic applications. Securing and protecting the hose can prevent damage,  leakage and ensure that your workplace remains safe and free of losses from such leakage or seepage. A good hose protector should be made of material that is suited to industrial application. For instance, in chemical industries, the hose protector should be made of material that is corrosion resistant and can withstand the chemical action of solvents, elements and gases. Meanwhile also may have to withstand very high or low temperatures.

Hose sleeves or protectors come in a variety of materials and you can choose the one that best fits the needs of your industry. Nylon hydraulic hose sleeve is a commonly used material, as it is tough, has high endurance qualities, and is also flexible. It is used to cover oil lines, hydraulic brake systems, fuel supply systems, battery cables, etc. This material also makes the protector easy to fit and remove. E-Flex ® also offers fiberglass cable sleeves, rodent-resistant braided sleeving, and special materials like kevlar braided sleeving.

The nylon hydraulic hose sleeve can serve a variety of functions. They can protect the tubing or hose from damage due to wear and tear, rendering them resistant to fire, spillage, leakage, splashes during chemical processes, etc. Kevlar braided sleeving is very tough and can withstand abrasion and cutting. Fiberglass cable sleeves protectors with aluminum reflective coating can withstand damage due to radiant heat.

Finally, it is regular maintenance of tubes and hoses that ensures safety and protection. So it is important to know exactly what material the hose protector is made of and what its function is. In some cases, flame-retardant materials may not actually be fire-proof. They could burn slowly or be self-extinguishing only when the fire source is removed.

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