Where to use braided cable sleeves

Apr 19 , 2022

Braided cable sleeves are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, here are some industries that use braided cable sleeves.

Marine: Because of their high performance in water and other fluids, braided cable sleeves are highly desirable in many marine and offshore applications. They are common in vessel engines, control panels and switchboards.

Automotive: Similarly, because of their high performance around engine fluids and their abrasion resistance, braided sleeves are ideal for use in some automotive applications, including many hybrid vehicles. They are frequent components around the cables in engines and vehicle electronic systems.

Military: In demanding military applications, braided cable sleeves are essential for their resistance to an array of environmental and operational stressors. They are useful in transport vehicles and many types of material.

Robotics: The precise motions desired in robotics and automation necessitate highly flexible cable protection. Braided cable sleeves provide the required flexibility while offering superior resistance to conditions that could damage expensive, sensitive products.

Manufacturing: The operational stresses on the machine tools used in manufacturing often necessitate cable protections. Braided cable sleevesdurability, broad resistances and expandability make them ideal for use with heavy-duty equipment in this challenging environment.

Power generation: Traditional power plants and renewable energy facilities rely on cable systems for dependable functioning. Especially in outdoor renewable operations, braided cable sleeves protect against UV radiation, dust, heat, water, wind and fire damage while providing essential flexibility.

Rail transportation: In the rail transit industry, cables that hang down from the undercarriages of railcars become exposed to abrasions, vibrations, extreme temperatures and weather elements like wind and rain. Braided cable sleeves enable essential moisture drainage while providing flexibility and protecting against mechanical and environmental stresses.

Mining and heavy construction: The equipment used in mining and heavy construction applications faces exposure to harsh UV radiation, dust, extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals, fluids, powerful impacts and vibrations. Braided cable sleeves offer comprehensive resistance to these stressors, even in demanding mining and construction environments.

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