How to Choose Spiral Wraps for your application?

Jun 20 , 2024

Spiral wrap, like other components, is available in a wide variety of widths, lengths, and materials, offering you a wealth of options that are guaranteed to meet your needs. When deciding on a spiral wrap, you should think about the following.

Hydraulic Hose Protector

If your project won’t be subjected to harsh elements like high heat or corrosive chemicals, polyethylene spiral wrap is a good, inexpensive option. So, you can use it both indoors and out, and it retains its quality over time.
When it comes to temperature flexibility, PTFE-made spiral wraps are incomparable.
For applications where smoke, moisture, flame, and other pollutants exist, there is nothing better than a chemically inert material.

If there’s a high chance of fire and smoke, Nylon is the material to use. It can withstand wear and tear and even put out fires by itself. For this reason, most people use it in engines and other industrial applications, particularly for shielding hydraulic lines. Moreover, Nylon spiral wraps that are unaffected by the sun are also available.

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