What's the Selection of Heat Shrink Tubing?

Jun 25 , 2024

Selecting the right heat shrink tubing involves considering the specific requirements of your application. Here are some key factors to guide your decision:

1. Application Environment

Temperature Range: Ensure the tubing can withstand the operating temperatures of your application.

Exposure to Elements: Consider if the tubing needs to resist chemicals, UV radiation, or moisture.

2. Mechanical Requirements

Flexibility: For applications requiring frequent movement, choose a highly flexible tubing material.

Abrasion Resistance: For high-wear environments, select a durable material like PVC or elastomeric tubing.

3. Size and Shrink Ratio

Tubing Diameter: Measure the diameter of the substrate and choose a tubing with an appropriate shrink ratio that fits snugly after shrinking.

Length: Ensure the tubing is long enough to cover the desired area, considering any extra length needed for shrinkage.

4. Special Features

Adhesive-lined: For applications needing a waterproof seal.

Colored Tubing: For color-coding and easy identification of wires and cables.

Printable Tubing: Allows for labeling and adding information directly onto the tubing.

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