The importance of braided sleeves to the national economy

Sep 02 , 2021

The importance of braided sleeves to the national economy

Our friends who produce the equipment and computers know that cable braided sleeve is an indispensable rubber product in our daily work, and it is very much needed by our national economy.

The application range of flexo braided sleeve involves engineering machinery, mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, aviation, navigation, construction, agriculture and forestry, medical treatment, household appliances and other fields. In recent years, the main development trends of braided cable sleeve products at home and abroad aremax length, large diameter and high pressure. Various industries are paying increasing attention on high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, flex fatigue resistance, special medium resistance and increased flow. These requirements are embodied in the knitting and resinization of the braided wire sleeve. These two trends influence each other to promote the development of the cable protection industry. Since the 1980s, the tooling level of braided cable sleevehas developed by leaps and bounds, such as high-speed precision metal winding machines, rotary metal/yarn spinning machines, short fiber reinforced braided mesh tube extruders, large-diameter braided mesh tube forming machines, Resin wrapping machines, nylon water cloth entanglement machines, automatic thickness/diameter measurement/control devices, continuous vulcanization devices, etc. have appeared one after another, greatly improving the production speed, accuracy and quality of braided sleeves.

The polymer materials used for braided cable sleeve have expanded from rubber to plastics, and there is a considerable part of hoses, especially medium and low pressure hoses, widely use thermoplastics as the inner lining and outer coating. Reinforcement materials are mainly metal, nylon and polyester, and aromatic amide fibers have been used in a small number of braided mesh sleeve. Some special braided sleeve use metal cords or metal ropes, and some even use interlocking coil steel sheets as reinforcement materials. Computers have been successfully applied in the design of the braided structure, the extrusion die and the rubber formula, which has accelerated the development of new products of the braided cable sleeve.

Cable Braided Sleeves

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