Precautions for using braided cable sleeve

Apr 15 , 2021
Precautions for using braided cable sleeve

Braided cable sleeve is one of our commonly used products. Although this product is popular used, few people concentrate on it. So let’s talk about precautions for using braided cable sleeve and help everyone to learn more about this product.

Braided Cable Sleeve

Braided wire loom which is also known as, nylon protection sleeve, has many types, such as zipper braided sleeve, expandable cable sleeve, metal braided sleeving, etc.,

It is woven from polyester multifilament or nylon textile. It has the characteristics of oil-absorbing, dust-proof, anti-wear and noise-reduction, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof etc.. It is widely used and it plays an important role in protecting industrial and agricultural equipment, rail transit and other fields.

Because it is a closed-end sleeve, we need to know the outer diameter of the product accurately before purchasing, and then we need to choose a slightly larger size for the braided sleeve so that it can be well fixed to the product.

Normally, if it is used to wrap a pipe or wire, it is recommended to choose the size of the braided sleeve to be about 2mm larger. If it is used to wrap multiple pipes or wire harnesses, you can choose the size to be about 5mm larger.

In addition, because the braided sleeve needs a seaming process to prevent it from falling apart, it is recommended to pull the port horizontally during inspection to see if it is cracked. Of course, this problem will not occur in general, just in case.

During use, after cutting to the required length, it is recommended to use a lighter to burn the two ends of the braided sleeve. On the one hand, it is beautiful, and on the other hand, it prevent scattering.

Carbon fiber braided sleeving also known as thermal sleeve, is an expandable braided sleeve. The main material is carbon fiber yarn and a small amount of additives. It is widely used in engine tubing of automobiles, aviation, rail transit, and agricultural tractors, and it play an important role in heat insulation protection in those fields.

Carbon fiber braided sleeving

What is the difference between our company’s products and the carbon fiber braided sleeves on the market? It can be seen from the appearance. First of all, we add 8 thick ropes in the weaving process of our products, and they are dyed black. The black  color does not fade after 15 minutes’ impact from a high-pressure water cannon , and it is designed for long life.

In terms of performance, due to the nature of our technology, the carbon fiber braided sleeve produced by us has good flexibility with high temperature resistance, up to 600℃. It play the effect of insulation and protection for the oil pipes in automobile engines and other fields.

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