Product knowledge dissemination:​fiberglass sleeve introduction and application

Aug 03 , 2021

Product knowledge dissemination:fiberglass sleeve introduction and application

1. Fiberglass sleeve introduction:

Fiberglass insulation sleeve is made of alkali-free fiberglass and treated with high temperature. It is coated with silicone resin,silicone rubber. The fiberglass sleeve has high electrical insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and heat dissipation. It has excellent flexibility and elasticity, so it can maintain its flexibility and resistance to tortuosity at a low temperature of minus 50℃, without degrading its electrical insulation.

2. Fiberglass sleeve type:

A. Silicone Coated Fiberglass Braided Wire Insulation Sleeving

Silicone fiberglass sleeve (also called siliconsleeve, single-layer fiberglass sleeve or self-extinguishingsleeve) is made of alkali-free glass fiber , then coated with silicone resin and heated and cured. It has strong dielectric properties, high heat resistance, good self extinguishing and flexibility. The performance parameters are as follows:

  1.Working Temperature:-60℃~+200℃;
  2.Voltage Rating:1500V、 2500V、4000V、7000V;
  4. Normal Color:White,Black,Red, other customized colors;
  5.Packing Length:100m/spool or 50m/spool;

6. Application: it is widely applied to household application, electronic equipment , various harnesses, wiring, lighting, electrothermal products, electrical equipment and heat resistant electric appliance.It has strong insulation, high temperature resistance and high voltage resistance.

B. Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Sleeving

Silicone fiberglass sleeve is composed of high-quality silicone rubber layer and fiberglass layer. It is divided into inner rubber withouter fiber and inner fiber with outer rubber. Because the product has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance of silicone rubber and reinforced protection of fiberglass, it has excellent performance. Its performance parameters are as follows:

1. Working Temperature:-60℃~+200℃;
2. Features: Self extinguishing, flexible, Arc ablation,Corona resistance;
3. Normal color: White,Black, Red,Blue, other customized colors;
4.Voltage Rating:4000V、7000V、10000V;
6.Packing Length: 100m/spool or 50m/spool;

7.Application: Electronic wiring, wrapping, electromechanical auxiliary, terminal connection, pipeline anti-corrosion, computer peripherals, electrical instruments, power communications, navigation and aerospace, optoelectronic communications, automobiles, military industry and other fields.

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