How to solve the electromagnetic interference problem of automotive harness

Jul 27 , 2021

How to solve the electromagnetic interference problem of automotive harness

With the continuous development of automotive electronic control technology, the number of automotive electronic equipment,the operating frequency and the power have gradually increased,that makes the automotive operating environment full of electromagnetic waves.

It may affect the normal operation of electronic equipment, or damage the corresponding electrical components. Therefore, the EMC performance of automotive electronic equipment has attracted more and more attention. At present, it is urgent to widely apply the electromagnetic improvement technology for automotive equipment.

Automotive electronic equipment works in cars with changing driving environment. The complexity and variability of the electromagnetic energy composition in the environment means that the sources of electromagnetic interference to the system are relatively wide-ranging. Automobile harness is the main source of electromagnetic interference in the car, and it is often interfered by electromagnetic interference.

So how to deal with electromagnetic interference of automobile wiring harness is particularly important.

1.Shield interference sources equipment and associated automotive wiring harnesses: the electronic control unit used in the main electronic control system of the car should be packaged with a shielded shell.

2.Add car harness filter: for longer harnesses, in order to reduce conduction and radiation interference, filter should be added to the harness. It is more convenient to socket a suitable ferrite magnetic ring.

3.Fix up automobile wiring harness correctly: put the low-power sensitive circuit closed to the signal source and put the high-power interfering circuit closed to the load. The low-power circuit and high-power circuit shall be separated as far as possible to reduce the inductive interference and radiation interference between the harnesses.

4.Improve the grounding of the equipment: excellent grounding placement and improved grounding lap can reduce high frequency impedance. The grounding of car electronic equipment is mainly connected to the nearby car and the shielding layer of the wire harness.

5.Reduce the area of the car wiring harness to receive interference: the wiring harness should be designed with minimum length, minimum impedance and minimum loop area. It is best to choose the power supply method with small loop area such as twisted pair wire. Increase the distance from the device to the interference source:when the position of jamming equipment is unchanged, modify the installation position of sensitive components to increase the distance to the interference source.

6.Use cable shielding sleeve to protect the wiring harness from electromagnetic interference.

Cable Shielding Sleeve

7.In addition, The electromagnetic interference suffered by the vehicle system also comes from the electromagnetic interference outside the vehicle and the vehicle body, the external interference refers to the interference caused by various external electromagnetic environments when the car is driving. The electrostatic interference of the car is related to the car and the external environment.

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