Analysis of the three advantages of fiberglass sleeving

May 18 , 2021

Analysis of the three advantages of fiberglass sleeving

The application field of fiberglass sleeve is really gettingmore and more wide, but most of the time, fiberglass sleeving is not common in people's daily life. In fact, this is a kind of prejudice. There are a lot of fiberglass wire sleeve existingin the household around us.There are manyadvantages of this kind of products, which are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, automotive internal wiring harnesses, H and C motors, transformers, inverters, generators, heating equipment, lighting, etc.Now let me introduce three advantages of fiberglass insulation sleeve for everyone.

silicone fiberglass sleeve

1. Safety and environmental protection, 100% non-toxic; the fiber material used in the glassfibersleeving has the characteristics of strong tensile force and not easy to break, and it also has the characteristics of resistance to vulcanization, smokeless, halogen-free, and non-toxic. It complies with EU RoHS2.0, REACH, Halogen-free environmental protection certification. After the glassfiber yarn is wovento be a tube, it can be cured by environmentally-friendly organic silicone to greatly enhance its safety performance, thereby effectively protecting the construction safety of workers, avoiding health threats, and effectively reducing the probability of adverse health factors.

2. The advantages of a wide range of adaptable fiberglass cable sleeve in high temperature resistance are more prominent than those of general polymer materials, because the organic silicon structure on the surface contains not only organic factors but also inorganic structures. Such special composition and molecular structure make the glass fiber sleeve not only possess the characteristics of organic matter, but also possess the advantages of inorganic matter.

3. Excellent high temperature resistance performance; the use of glass fiber sleeves in the smelting industry can achievemuti-safety protection. Excellent high temperature resistance performance; the use of silicone fiberglass sleeve in the smelting industry can achieve multi-safety protection. The specific performance is that when the relatively high temperature of the medium in the electric furnace cause the high-temperature splashing, this product can effectively prevent the rubber hardening of the outer layer of the pipe or cable due to the high-temperature splashing cooling and solidification. Even in the face of the spray of molten iron, molten copper, molten aluminum and other high-temperature molten materials, the glass fiber sleeve can withstand it;Such high temperature resistance can effectively protect the surrounding cables and equipment, thereby prolonging their service life and improving work efficiency.

The above three advantages make the application field of fiberglass sleeving continue to expand. With the R&D investment and technological breakthroughs of the majority of fiberglass sleeving manufacturers in the industry, more advantages of improved fiberglass sleeving will be discovered. The scope of application will also be broader!

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